Holiday Gift Guide:
The Hottest Home Decor Trends You Want For 2020

Home design trends are circulating year after year and it is impeccable to see the full evolution! Over the years, we have seen simple designs with paper composite countertops turn into a modern exhibit with homes that feature clean-cut lines and extraordinary detail! This year, think outside of the box by giving your loved one a porcelain slab to stay within the trends! Moderno Porcelain Works offers several high-end materials that can be used for a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, or even an out-of-the-box craft! Check out our unique holiday gift guide below for the ultimate home design lover!

Shiny Slabs

Pick a slab, any slab! No, really! Just browse our selection of porcelain surfaces and pick a surface that best represents your gift receiver’s style. They will love this unique idea, as they can use it for so many things! The best part about providing someone a porcelain slab is the versatility that this material features. Use porcelain for a kitchen or bathroom countertop remodel, an updated fireplace, wall cladding in your living room, backsplash for your in-home bar, and so much more! Here’s some of our most popular colors at the moment:

Accent Table

Do you have a small, empty nook in your home that needs sprucing up? Add a mini table to fill up the space and bring life with design! Incorporate delicate porcelain accent tables in your living room that are easy to maneuver from corner to couch (because we all know we want something like this to eat pizza in front of the tv). Porcelain is resistant to stains and strong, acidic liquids, so need to worry about red sauce!

Photo courtesy of Anthropologie

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