Diane Paulson

Project Specialist, Minneapolis

For over 15 years, Diane Paulson has been a noteworthy leader in the building materials and construction industry space. You may know her from her work as the Senior Sales Representative at JohnsManville. Diane can also be credited with contributions to the 3M Corporation, GAF Materials Corporation and Pioneer Athletics. Driven by energy and motivation, she takes pride in providing the best customer experience possible. As a Project Specialist, her goals include creating a solid customer base to grow the business and positively interact with the entire Twin Cities staff for a rewarding experience between Moderno and her customers. In addition to her primary job functions, Diane has been committed to in-depth learning about the porcelain industry and being involved in related associations and activities. Diane has been honored with the President’s Club sales award for her contributions to GAF Materials Corporation. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management/Marketing, plus a minor in Psychology and a Master’s of Arts degree in Professional Psychology from the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota. Diane currently lives in Woodbury with her daughter, two sons, three cats and a dog. When she’s not keeping busy with work and family, you can find Diane attending her sons’ baseball games, walking her Weimaraner dog and working on projects around her house.
Diane Paulson, Moderno Porcelain Works, Project Specialist