Lanny Grissoom

Co-General Manager, Dallas

Now holding over two decades of experience in the surfacing world, Lanny Grissom got his start in 1997 when he was hired by who would become his closest colleague, Steve Chambless, then President of Stone-Made Products. Working his way up to become the General Manager, it was under Mr. Grissom’s watch the company grew between 37-38% in annual revenue. Having performed thousands of successful jobs over the years, knowing each project is unique in its own way and helping people bring their dream vision to life is what makes the process so exciting for him. What drew Mr. Grissom to Moderno was the product itself. Intrigued by porcelain being the future of the countertop and wall cladding industry, he recognized the performance, durability and overall look of porcelain make the material a definite game-changer. A family man at heart, Mr. Grissom chases his youngest daughter around the country to cheer her on in competitive volleyball.
Lanny Grissom, Moderno Porcelain Works, Dallas