Rodrigo Peralta

General Manager, Sacramento

Rodrigo Peralta is the general manager of Moderno Porcelain Works Sacramento. For over 17 years, Rodrigo has been a noteworthy leader in the stone industry. You may know him as the president and co-founder of Dragon Stone Countertops, but Rodrigo can also be credited for his contributions to the countertop industry in Sacramento with the development and implementation of a state-of-the art 52,000 sq. ft. facility with advanced technology. During his time there, production capacity expanded 5x and revenue increased to $30M. Driven by his love for the industry, Rodrigo takes pride in providing a great customer service experience to his customers. As general manager, his goal is to lead the porcelain revolution and provide the resource for designers and architects to create innovative environments. Rodrigo has been honored with the 2017 Innovation award in Sacramento. He improved the customer experience by utilizing vein match and 3D software for homeowner approval to reduce R&R’s. Rodrigo also introduced the robotic cutting system to the countertop system in California. He currently lives in Sacramento with his family.
Rodrigo Peralta, GM Sacramento, Moderno Porcelain Works