What’s Trending in 2021?

Kitchen countertops are perhaps the most vital factor to consider when renovating your home’s style and design. Countertops take up a big portion of the kitchen area, so you want to make sure it portrays the look and feel that you are going for. Each countertop can highlight your personality by showcasing extravagant characteristics or minimalistic compositions. It’s up to YOU to decide what will best portray your taste!

So, how do you know where to begin when starting a home renovation project? What designs will be timeless and last for years to come in your new kitchen? Well, here we have laid out some of the upcoming trends that we have found that will be prevalent in 2020. Choose something outlined here, and we guarantee that you will fall more in love with your countertops every day!

Trend #1: Porcelain Countertops

This one is easy and quite possibly our favorite one! Porcelain countertops are trending within interior design and it’s easy to understand why! Porcelain is a manufactured material that is created to withstand the harsh interactions of everyday life. It is one of the hardest stones on the market, making it extremely durable and resistant to cracking, scratching or chipping. In addition, porcelain also repels any unwanted bacteria and will not stain nor absorb smells and odors. Its composition makes it a good countertop for the outdoors, as well, because it is resistant to UV rays. Thus, porcelain, overall, passes the test with flying colors for best countertops on the market!

Trend #2: Matte or Polished

Many porcelain countertops come in one of two options: matte or polished. Polished countertops are more popularly seen. It consists of a high gloss finish that appears shiny and glistens underneath the kitchen lights. Matte materials, or satin, is a low-gloss finish that lacks the glossy and reflective look that polished creates. Matte countertops have become increasingly popular within homes as modern and contemporary design styles come to a rise. Countertops that showcase this minimalistic look are being sought after, as they create a natural, warm, and inviting ambiance.

Trend #3: Unique Veining

There’s no rhyme or reason to finding a countertop that you believe is “out of this world.” It all comes down to personal preference. However, if we can provide you any guidance, it’s that we recommend paying attention to the veining within each material. Every stone is a little bit different from the next; the veining may be more prevalent in one versus the other or the pattern may be limited due to the size of your slab. That’s why it’s crucial to focus on the design aspect of each material when shopping for your next home countertop.

Trend #4: Stone Backsplash

This is a trend that we have been loving over the past several years! Why minimize the use of your beautiful, new slab surface to a countertop when you can extend it to a full-height backsplash?! The look of a stone backsplash creates an extreme modern touch to your kitchen and keeps the look and feel of your home very cohesive. The design flows perfectly from the surface to the wall, as veining reaches up and beyond towards your refrigerator, microwave, and other kitchen appliances.

Trend #5: Porcelain Fireplace Surround

Okay, we know this isn’t part of a kitchen renovation, but if you opt for porcelain countertops in your kitchen, bring the love on over to your living room or outdoor kitchen! A fireplace surround best showcases the beauty of a porcelain slab, as it is the focal point of the room and centerpiece of the home. It appears sleek, classy, and it is definitely one-of-a-kind!

Porcelain is a great option for a fireplace surround because it does not warp or distort when in contact with heat, and it has no sensitivity towards the sun, which is extremely beneficial for an outdoor kitchen!

Trend #6: Porcelain Wall Cladding

Is your bathroom in need of a facelift? Add porcelain wall cladding in your shower for a lush and lavish style! Including unique design into your bathroom will transform this space into a spa-like atmosphere that you won’t want to leave! The chic and shiny porcelain appearance can translate into any style you prefer, whether you are looking for a simply and traditional style bathroom or more of a modern look.