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We’re a proven company with proven results. Putting it simply were the largest and the best. We are the industry leaders driving innovation and artistry, challenging the perception of what porcelain is capable of through our craftsmanship. We offer fabrication and installation expertise for large-format porcelain, sintered stone, and ultra-compact surfaces (63″x126″) provided by leading manufacturers and distributors. We give customers flexibility and a beautiful variety of options to choose from for any surfacing project.

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How It Works

Our builders are a crucial partnership that we want to constantly nurture. Throughout the entirety of the project, will have a dedicated project specialist that will make sure everything runs smoothly and on time. We’re here to support YOU.


Our relationship begins with our specialists consulting with you on scope and project planning. We invite you to come to one of our Moderno showrooms to view our full 63″x126″ slabs or let us bring samples to your project site to select the porcelain color and finish you desire.


Customers benefit from our professional project take offs and estimating team to accurately detail all costs and components. Once the project is approved and surfaces are ready for porcelain, we employ onsite 3D laser measuring and a template system to produce a CAD file and project plan to set accurate expectations. Along with the project specifications, this ensures a consistent fabrication and installation process.


Our craftsman use state-of-the-art equipment optimized for cutting large format porcelain, and our proprietary assembly method to create surfaces according to the project specifications. Then, our trained workforce creates finished products with the high quality that our customers expect.


Every project is custom and is checked against the project plan. Throughout the entire process, our project specialists provide quality assurance with on-site coordination. Our team includes crews who specialize in specific areas, such as countertops, walls, floors, and exterior cladding to make sure your project is staffed optimally. Additionally, we ensure that every project installation is America National Standards Institute (ANSI) compliant.


Porcelain applications are endless. From floors to walls to custom furniture, we can do it all. We are the trusted fabricator and installer nationwide for large-format porcelain, sintered stone, and ultra-compact surfaces.


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What do they say about Moderno?


Your custom porcelain solution is as close as your nearest Moderno showroom. Our unique, timeless, and exclusive colors can be viewed at convenient locations across the US, with additional showrooms added all the time.

Working With

We offer our fabrication and installation expertise for large-format porcelain provided by leading manufacturers and distributors. We give customers flexibility and a beautiful variety of options to choose from for any surfacing project.


U.S. Green Building Council recognizes porcelain as an environmentally friendly product. Porcelain is a man-made material that promotes sustainability and is not mined from mountains, unlike granite or marble.

Porcelain Benefits

Porcelain Benefit: Stain Resistant


Porcelain is non-porous. Liquids will not absorb, and stains are unlikely to penetrate the surface.
Porcelain Benefit: Scratch Resistant


Porcelain will not scratch under normal use. You can slice food right on the countertop without worrying about damaging the surface.
Porcelain Benefit: Heat Resistant


Placing hot cookware on the surface will not scorch or damage the porcelain.

Porcelain Benefit: UV Resistant


Porcelain is resistant to ultraviolet light. It does not contain any resins and will not yellow over time. It’s perfect outdoors since it does not fade in the sunlight. Our adhesives also UV resistant.

Porcelain Benefit: Thermal Shock Resistant


Porcelain is heat- and frost-tolerant; it works well outside in the cold weather. Rapid temperature changes will not crack the porcelain.

Timeless Colors

With a timeless color selection and unmatched designs, porcelain allows for a unique expression of your own style.

Different Textures

Available in two different finishes from sleek and stylish high gloss polish to the more subtle, softer feel of our matte texture.