Our experienced team is rigorously and continually trained to deliver not only a beautiful, high-quality project but an exceptional in-home experience.

We offer a stunning array of timeless looks from ultra-modern, pure whites and blacks to the classic Italian marble look with veins of grey and gold.

Our unique fabrication and installation process gives us the ability to work on your project quickly. Ready to get started on your project?


Moderno Porcelain Works installs high quality engineered surfaces for the commercial and residential industry. The Moderno team has come together to bring their knowledge and expertise of the stone surfacing industry to help showcase the potential of any renovation or new construction project.

Induction Cooktop By Moderno

Imagine cooking directly on your kitchen countertop, no stove needed, just 100% safe invisible burners built into the surface. InvisaCook induction cooktops use electromagnetic energy to directly heat pots and pans through your everyday porcelain marble countertop. This is where technology and cooking come together.

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