National Tile Day

National Tile Day 2024

At Moderno Porcelain Works, we’re passionate about pushing the boundaries of large-format porcelain and sintered stone (5.25ft x 10.5ft) craftsmanship. Specializing in the fabrication and

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Large-format Porcelain Sintered Stone Shower Wall Cladding, Shower Niches, and Flooring in Bianco Carrara

Wall Cladding with Porcelain

Large-format porcelain and sintered stone slabs offer a modern, versatile solution for wall-cladding, enhancing both the aesthetic and utility of any space. These engineered materials

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Designing with Veins

Marble-like Veining Without the High Maintenance Worry Large-format porcelain panels can replicate the look of natural stone and its veining through advances in printing technology.

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