FAQ | Large-Format Porcelain & Sintered Stone Furniture

Rectangle Coffee Table in Black Marquina, Large-format Porcelain

Q: Are large-format porcelain, sintered stone, and ultra-compact surface tables suitable for use as dining room tables?
A: Large-format porcelain, sintered stone, and ultra-compact surfaces are an exceptional choice for dining room tables, particularly for families with children. Its remarkable durability and strength make it highly resistant to scratches and stains, ensuring a long-lasting and pristine appearance.

Q: Can sintered porcelain tables withstand frequent rain, high temperatures, and extreme weather changes?
A: Absolutely! Porcelain tables are completely waterproof, making them impervious to moisture-related wear and tear. Its non-porous surface allows for easy cleaning with even harsh chemicals, without leaving any unsightly spots.

Q: Is it possible for porcelain slabs to resemble marble?
A: Certainly! Porcelain slabs effortlessly replicates the elegance of natural stone, without imperfections. This versatile material can be crafted into multitude of colors, shapes, and sizes, providing a captivating marble-like aesthetic. 

Q: Will the porcelain furniture develop a yellowish tint when exposed to outdoor elements?
A: No need to worry! Porcelain furniture possesses remarkable sun and heat resistance, ensuring it maintains its original color and won’t develop a yellow hue over time. The advanced production process involves sintering technology and utilizes mineral compounds subjected to high pressure through precision machinery.