The Advantages of Porcelain

Porcelain surfaces are becoming the latest trend within the design industry and it is easy to see why! Aside from the fact that porcelain exhibits a stunning and elegant design, the surface itself contains an array of advantages that make it one of the best countertops on the market!


Porcelain is an engineered stone that is made up of kaolinite clay that is baked in extreme temperatures and is then hardened into a dense and highly durable material. It is created to withstand the typical day-to-day environment, as well as the atypical harsh interactions that home surfaces require to endure. Because of its strong capabilities, porcelain countertops are a great kitchen surface that can hold large and heavy items without being damaged or destroyed.

Resistant to Scratching/ Chipping/ Cracking

Porcelain is considered nearly impervious – it will combat any unwanted stains and is resistant scratching, chipping, and cracking.

Heat Resistant

A wonderful benefit to have for your surfaces is the ability to resist heat. Unlike other surfaces on the market, porcelain countertops will not melt or warp if you place hot pans or cookware atop the surface. So, don’t worry about boiling temperatures or hot plates – porcelain is a worry-free material!

Porcelain allows for induction cooktop installation beneath the surface of your countertop. Induction cooktops open up space on your counter, making your space more versatile. Learn more about our induction cooktops Invisacook By Moderno.

In addition to being a great countertop, porcelain is also a wonderful material for your fireplace! Install a porcelain wall for your interior (or exterior) fireplace for a luxurious and modern design. Guests will be amazed by the beautiful structure that the porcelain will bring to this home centerpiece!

Outdoor Friendly

In addition to its durable state, porcelain is resistant to UV light. This means that porcelain will not be affected when placed in direct sunlight for long periods of time. This is wonderful when considering building an outdoor kitchen or fireplace!