The Moderno Way


At Moderno, we’re dedicated to delivering nothing short of excellence for your project. Through every step of the Moderno Way, we prioritize transparent communication to effectively manage timelines and budgets, ensuring a seamless journey. With unwavering respect for you and your space, we guarantee an exceptional worksite experience during the installation process.

Driven by our pursuit of perfection, we’ve pioneered cutting-edge equipment and innovative, patent-pending techniques. Our expert craftsmen leverage these advancements to elevate the art of fabricating and installing durable porcelain. The outcome? Not just a superior end product, but also substantial reductions in time and costs.



We meticulously custom-cut each large-format porcelain panel to your project’s exact specifications, ensuring a perfect fit every time. How do we consistently achieve such exceptional results? Through our unwavering commitment to utilizing state-of-the-art machinery and premium materials in every step of the process.

  • 3D Laser Measuring & Template System
  • Speed Cutting System 
  • Clean Miter System
    A mitered edge creates a seamless edge between two pieces of porcelain to create a specialty edge or to join a waterfall panel. A vein-matched mitered seam allows the pattern to “wrap” from surface to surface.
  • Water-jet Cutting System
    This machine is used to cut very specific shapes, like a sink fitting
  • Lightweight Honeycomb Composite Panel (HCP) Cutting System
    Our NASA-developed honeycomb fiberglass and aluminum substrate is cut to custom dimensions, fitting perfectly to your project.
  • Porcelain products are available in 6mm profiles or 12mm profiles. The 6mm material is thick enough to be strong, rigid, and durable but lighter in weight than most natural stones. This allows for the full range of applications, such as wall cladding and ceiling installations.
  • Moderno’s proprietary assembly method for countertops and surfaces, combining NASA’s honeycomb fiberglass and aluminum substrate, an all-climate bonding and seal technique, makes our countertops the strongest in the market, delivering:
    • Load-bearing capacity of 1,600 pounds per square inch
    • Resistance to weather, chemicals, heat
    • Thermal and acoustic insulation
    • Eco-friendly and recyclable solution


Our team includes crews who specialize in specific areas, such as countertops, walls, floors and exterior cladding to make sure your project is staffed optimally. Additionally, we ensure that every project installation is America National Standards Institute (ANSI) compliant.

Your project specialist works closely with the prep and installation team to communicate timelines with you and checks in on the project frequently. They will be your go-to source.

As a one-stop shop, we’re ready to assist and prefer to help with prep work. It’s essential in the project’s process to have square edges and a flat, plumb surface before installing the large-format porcelain.

  • Kitchens – remove old countertops and backsplashes
  • Baths – install sheetrock, waterproofing, and build mud beds, curbs, benches, or niches
  • Fireplaces – install sheetrock, mud walls, and cut for TV mounts and electrical wires

Moderno does not do electrical or plumbing work.

Our installers take great care to treat your home with respect. We wear booties inside your home, lay drop cloths in our working spaces, return items moved for the installation to their place, and sweep the job site before we leave. 

Everyone on the team oversees quality control. We’re dedicated to installing first-rate products. We conduct a customer satisfaction survey after you’ve lived with the final project for a few days. Your feedback is helpful for us to continue to deliver superior products and services.

How It Works


Our relationship begins with our specialists consulting with you on scope and project planning. We invite you to come to one of our Moderno showrooms to view our full 5’x10’ slabs or let us bring samples to your project site to select the porcelain color and finish you desire.


Customers benefit from our professional project take offs and estimating team to accurately detail all costs and components. Once the project is approved and surfaces are ready for porcelain, we employ onsite 3D laser measuring and a template system to produce a CAD file and project plan to set accurate expectations. Along with the project specifications, this ensures a consistent fabrication and installation process.


Our craftsmen use state-of-the-art equipment optimized for cutting large-format porcelain, and our proprietary assembly method to create surfaces according to the project specifications. Then, our trained workforce creates finished products with the high quality that our customers expect.


Every project is custom and is checked against the project plan. Throughout the entire process, our project specialists provide quality assurance with on-site coordination. Our team includes crews who specialize in specific areas, such as countertops, walls, floors, and exterior cladding to make sure your project is staffed optimally. Additionally, we ensure that every project installation is America National Standards Institute (ANSI) compliant.


Our team guarantees customer satisfaction and will provide instructions to care for your porcelain. Moderno offers an installation warranty to all residential customers.

Measuring & Install Day

What to Expect

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We offer a limited warranty on our fabrication and installation. 


We offer financing, enabling you to renovate in a timely fashion. Remodel your kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, and other home spaces all at the same time.


What porcelain finishes does Moderno offer?

Polished and matte. Polished porcelain has a gloss that opens the space creating a lighter and brighter feel. A matte finish conceals the light reflection efficiently for a clean, refined look.

Does Moderno offer multiple edges selections?

We use mitered edges on all our porcelain applications. The two porcelain slabs come together at a 45-degree angle to create a seamless edge.

What is the thickness of porcelain?

We work with 6mm or 12mm porcelain depending on the application.

Will my countertops be 6mm thick?

Moderno’s proprietary assembly method, combined with NASA developed honeycomb substrate of fiberglass and aluminum, makes Moderno countertops and vanities the strongest in the market. The standard sizes are between 1.25 to 2 inches or any desired thickness.

How is porcelain eco-friendly?

Porcelain is created with zero-waste manufacturing. It’s a man-made material created from responsibly sourced natural raw materials like clay, sand, and feldspar, the three most abundant minerals on earth. During production, no waste or byproducts are created, nor is the use of plastics. Porcelain also can be recycled through basic grinding and used as a clean fill for more porcelain.

What can be done with the extra material?

We make it into custom furniture, accessories, and applications. The possibilities are endless!

Does Moderno operate in commercial spaces?

Yes, we work with developers, general contractors, architects, and interior designers to provide large-format porcelain in commercial areas.

Your custom porcelain solution is as close as your nearest Moderno showroom. Our unique, timeless, and exclusive colors can be viewed at convenient locations across the US, with additional showrooms added all the time.