Accents with Porcelain, Sintered Stone, & Ultra-Compact Surfaces

Fireplace Surround in White Classico

Large-format porcelain, sintered stone, and ultra-compact surfaces are suitable for all applications such as walls, floors, furniture, and even statement pieces. These materials have become the number one choice for those wanting to coordinate everyday functionality with timeless beauty.

Combining the Style of Contemporary Design with Practicality of Performance. 

Through advanced technology, porcelain can be customized to fit your aesthetic needs in various colors and textures ranging from marble, stone, and wood with the ability to customize depth (up to 12mm) and finishes – including polished and matte. Tailoring your porcelain can give you the ability to create a space that is unique to your design needs whether your space is modern, traditional, or minimalistic.

South Florida Showroom Bookcase

Large-format porcelain, sintered stone, and ultra-compact surfaces allow for considerable areas to be covered without seams because of its 63”x126” size. Vein-matching, book-matching, and large continuation of patterns are easily produced without excessive waste, while grout lines and unsightly countertop seams are non-existent.


It’s creativity without compromise. 

Introducing: Porcelain Furniture!

Porcelain furniture can bring a timeless elegance into your home. Discover our exclusive collection of beautifully crafted tables that will transform your living spaces into sophisticated style and elegance.