Designing with Veins

Marble-like Veining Without the High Maintenance Worry

Large-format porcelain panels can replicate the look of natural stone and its veining through advances in printing technology. Porcelain is a man-made material from fine sands and clay fired at high temperatures to produce a dense panel. Digital printing completes the final look of stone, metal, or virtually any texture. Unlike its stone counterparts mined out of mountains and comprised of chemicals like resins, porcelain is stain, scratch, and heat resistant. You can have the luxury of marble or stone designs without the upkeep or maintenance.

Thanks to its long life and recyclability, porcelain is also sustainable. It’s a 100% natural material made from clay, sand, and feldspar that contains a high percentage of a mineral known as kaolinite and other mineral oxides, which are responsible for the strength and durability of porcelain. This mixture is put into a kiln and fired at high temperatures up to 2000°F. The result is an incredibly dense material that is nearly impervious to stains, heat, UV rays and scratching.


There are four different types of veining installation options offered by Moderno:

  1. Not specified/random – design concept where the veining and texture is placed randomly across the slab. Moderno can also fabricate so that when two slabs are put together the veins or patterns do not match up at the seams.

2. Vein flow– A technique where all veins are continuously moving in the same direction. There is a harmonious movement that occurs without necessarily perfectly matching the veins. Moderno can fabricate and install your project in such a way that the veins flow.

3. Vein match – Vein matching uses different faces of the porcelain panels that will, when placed adjacent to one another, match up to create continuous veins across walls or at seams where the slabs meet. Moderno can work with you to determine the best vein match for your project.

4. Book match – adjacent marble porcelain panels mirror one another to create a creative, continuous design through movement and veining. Certain colors are printed to give this type of veining, so come visit a Moderno showroom to see these slabs in person and get started on your next project!