Rock The Block Season Finale

Rock the Block Season 4 Winners

Who Will Rock the Block?

For the last five weeks, viewers have tuned in to the highly anticipated Season of Rock the Block on HGTV. Four teams were tasked to renovate four identical Landmark Homes worth $1.9 million in Berthoud Colorado, with a $250,000 budget. We watched Michel Smith Boyd and Anthony Elle from Luxe for Less incorporate luxury finishes into their Mountain Modern home, Mitch Glew and Page Turner from Fix My Flip tailor their homes to buyer needs by combining their 40 years of experience, Bryan and Sarah Baeumler from Renovation Island utilize their design skills and home renovation experience to create the ultimate family-friendly home, and Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin from Farmhouse Fixer incorporate farmhouse finishes with a modern twist.

The final episode was judged by three returning Rock the Block champions: Mike Jackson, Jasmine Roth, and Egypt Sherrod. Like a true champion, Egypt said, “This week’s different from the last five weeks. The final victory is about what it says on the bottom line of that appraisal.”

The final episode’s last challenge was to remodel the bonus garage, study, and any additional spaces to help score the big win. Each team’s budget was stretched thin with only a remaining $10,000 to $20,000 to make these last renovations. Some considered remote workers and incorporated an office with a full bath. The teams predicted an office space converted into a bedroom will add value to the property. With the side garage, Page and Mitch turned it into an at-home gym with a treadmill and even added a rock-climbing wall.

Finally, the teams met Ty Pennington and the judges at the cul de sac for the winner’s announcement. Each home appraised at $2.7 million in the end. Only $75,000 separated the final appraisal value between the highest- and lowest-valued homes. The champion’s home appraised at $2,850,000 and gave Michel Smith Boyd and Anthony Elle the Rock the Block winning title. Michel and Anthony not only take first place but will also have the home’s street named after them.

To view more photos of Michel’s and Anthony’s home, click here

The Versatility of Large-Format Porcelain

Each designer incorporated large-format porcelain into their spaces to add value to the home. Michel’s and Anthony’s winning home used large-format porcelain on the living room fireplace, the kitchen backsplash and island, and the vanity sink in the powder room. They also covered their master bathroom, lower-level entertainment kitchen, and the exterior walls in porcelain. Large-format porcelain has stain, scratch, heat, and UV/thermal shock resistant qualities making it an ideal material for any application.

They were able to showcase their bold design style and versatility of large-format porcelain throughout the home while adding more to the appraisal value. The overall theme of every space in their home was “luxe,” making their home the judges’ favorite.  

To some, Michel and Anthony felt like the underdog. They were the newbies competing in Rock the Block and they gave it their all.  While some may have said that the home was for a specific buyer, they stayed true to their “Luxe for Less.”