Trailblazing Journey of Success with Moderno Porcelain Works

In October 2022, Moderno Porcelain Works opened its first Colorado location in Denver, marking a significant milestone for the company. Maria Jose Ponce joined Moderno in August 2022 when Moderno Denver was merely a leased space. She quickly excelled by helping build the team and elevating the showroom’s quality. Her contributions solidified her position as an asset during Moderno’s development.

Before Maria ventured into the world of stone and large-format porcelain, her professional journey had been deeply rooted in the medical field. Her early life was in Ecuador, surrounded by a family of doctors, and it seemed destined that she would follow in their footsteps. Maria’s innate curiosity for science made this path almost second nature to her.

Upon completing her education in Ecuador, Maria began her career as a medical doctor, specializing as a general practitioner. Maria had the remarkable opportunity to work closely with Indigenous communities, post-graduation. Being in the medical field instilled invaluable values that can transcend into any professional path. She learned the enduring importance of continuous learning, drawing knowledge and wisdom from those around her.

Maria’s medical background equipped her with the ability to thrive under pressure. As a doctor, she had firsthand experience in making quick decisions and acting in the face of unforeseen circumstances. This resilience and ability to adapt served as an asset as she embraced the challenges and demands of her new career in the stone industry. This commitment to lifelong learning would later prove instrumental in her transition to the stone industry.

Fast forward to August 31st, 2023, Maria proudly celebrated her work anniversary and career change within the company. During the pandemic, she moved from Denver, CO to her home country, Ecuador for nine months. Maria then decided to go back to the United States, re-entering Miami, FL. That’s when she came upon a job opening at Moderno Denver for an Office Manager. Despite having no prior experience in the stone industry, she met with the General Manager, and Maria embraced the challenge. She packed her bags in Miami and embarked on a journey to Denver, determined to prove herself in this unfamiliar terrain. Having a lack of experience in the stone industry initially took her by surprise, but she saw it as an opportunity to rise above her limitations.


Maria initially joined Moderno as an Office Manager, tasked with handling a myriad of office responsibilities. She has since been promoted to Finance and Accounting Manager. Maria’s story is a testament to what can be achieved through dedication and a relentless drive for success. Her Moderno journey began with her adeptly managing all the office duties. But she didn’t stop there. She had her sights set on expanding her skills and took it upon herself to learn the finance side of operations, aligning herself with the responsibilities of a finance manager. Maria was the ultimate team player, always ready to lend a helping hand ensuring that Moderno Denver flourishes. In a world predominantly dominated by men, Maria took pride in her ability to have her voice heard. As time went on, Maria’s true strengths began to shine, and she proved her immense value to the team. She started contributing in ways beyond her role, sharing her ideas and insights. Her thirst for knowledge led her to explore and master tools like Business Central. She would access Teams remotely and work tirelessly to understand and implement finance and accounting principles.

She had the opportunity to visit Moderno’s headquarters in Houston, Texas, where her dedication to learning caught the attention of Douglas Dillard, the Chief Finance Officer, and Darlene, the Senior Accountant. They welcomed Maria with open arms, recognizing her unwavering determination to acquire new skills and contribute to the company’s growth. During her time in Houston, the accounting and finance department took time out of their busy weeks to show her the ropes. Maria said visiting HQ meant a lot to her, she saw a company culture that welcomed diversity and embraced women in leadership roles.

She was eager to prove herself and viewed it as a fresh start and a chance to take on a new challenge. Reflecting on her journey, Maria shares her wisdom: “From my own experience, I know that there are no limitations when it comes to growing in the company. If you’re willing to prove yourself, work hard, and seize opportunities, you can build a successful career at Moderno.” Maria Jose Ponce’s journey at Moderno Porcelain Works serves as an inspiring success story. It reminds us that with determination, dedication, and a willingness to embrace challenges, we can achieve great success and make a lasting impact in our chosen careers. Maria’s story is a testament to the inclusive and supportive environment fostered by Moderno Porcelain Works, where individuals like her can thrive and reach their full potential.

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