Lupe Aguilar Finds Success at Moderno Porcelain Works Through Always Learning

Lupe Aguilar is a shining example of the power of hard work and dedication. Just over a year ago, Moderno Porcelain Works in Minneapolis hired Lupe as a quality associate, and since she has gone on to accomplish all aspects of the large-format porcelain fabrication process and assisted in various other areas of the warehouse.  

Despite her minimal knowledge of porcelain and stone, Lupe quickly fell in love with the entire fabrication process and creating large-format porcelain surfaces from day one. Her attention to detail made her the perfect team member to meticulously check the quality of each porcelain project, but her devotion to education has helped her evolve within various aspects of the warehouse. She caught on quickly with her curious and eager attitude. She accredits the Minneapolis team for encouraging her to learn and grow her craftsmanship. Lupe is grateful for the education and guidance that her team has provided. She says, “Moderno gives you the tools you need to grow in this company. They give you what you need to meet your goals.” Lupe has already worked in most areas of the warehouse and feels rewarded for each product she completes. Being a part of the Moderno team is far more than just a job, Lupe says, “We are like a family. We have pride and passion for what we do together.”  

Moderno has been a great learning environment for Lupe since she started, not only has she gained skills in the field but her confidence has been boosted. She’s proud to be a woman in a male-dominated industry, “With pride, anyone can try and learn anything. Your day flies by when you are passionate about what you are doing,” Lupe says.  

When asked about her most remarkable accomplishments while working at Moderno, she had many to share. One of the projects she is most proud of is a porcelain table built for the Minneapolis showroom. This project was her initial experience working with tricky measurements and angles. It was quite intimidating, but with the help of her general manager, Mario Cuevas, she completed the project in one day. Since then, the Minneapolis showroom exhibited six custom pieces of Lupe’s work. Mario appreciates Lupe’s commitment to each project and the team; he says, “The most challenging part of our industry is the constant learning. The fabrication process involves precision, accuracy, and attention to detail to ensure the highest quality products we deliver to our customers. We’re so thankful to have a person like Lupe on our team. She’s always willing to try something new and will jump in to train others on what she’s learned. We’re lucky to have her.” 

Moderno is the place for people who want to learn and grow, and Lupe’s story tells this truth. Her advice to any professional looking to work for Moderno is to love what you’re doing and know that Moderno will be there to help you succeed. It has been an incredible journey for Lupe over the past year and Moderno is grateful to have a dedicated team member like Lupe.