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Transparency with Moderno Porcelain Works

After expanding Moderno Porcelain Works to a network of 18 locations, Roberto Contreras, Chief Executive Officer, recently engaged in a podcast interview with Stone World Magazine, shedding light on his journey and expertise within the stone industry. The podcast offered valuable insights into Roberto’s path and the evolution of Moderno to its status. He discussed critical elements such as the dedicated team he assembled, his background in real estate development, and the company’s specialization in fabricating and installing large-format porcelain and various sintered stones from different brands.

Amidst fierce competition, Roberto emphasized what sets Moderno Porcelain Works apart, and he delved into the burgeoning trends of large-format porcelain slabs in residential and commercial design.

Concluding the two-part interview, Roberto emphasized the industry’s need for a national network of specialized fabricators and installers in large-format porcelain and sintered stone. He provided an in-depth exploration of Moderno’s franchise models, comprising two distinct franchising options. For those keen on exploring franchising opportunities, contact Moderno at


Listen to the podcast part 1.

Listen to the podcast part 2.


Moderno Porcelain Works Leadership

Moderno Porcelain Works leadership team.