Rock The Block: Episode 2 Recap

Rock the Block Season 4 Episode 2 Winner

Porcelain Offers a Range of Design Possibilities in Episode 2 of HGTV’S Rock the Block

During this week’s Rock the Block episode, three of the four homes used large-format porcelain for their living room and powder room makeover. Moderno Porcelain Works fabricated and installed Levantina’s large-format porcelain into the homes of:

Michel and Anthony covered their show stopping monumental linear fireplace in large-format porcelain with book matching veins. The porcelain not only gave the living room a modern look but also complimented the Rocky Mountains vibe. Michel referenced how he loved porcelain’s similar look to marble without the high maintenance. The duo also had a porcelain integrated sink on top of the porcelain vanity in their powder room. The contrasting colors of the large-format porcelain added a pop of elegance and depth to the small space, proving porcelain’s versatility. 

Page and Mitch did a floor-to-ceiling fireplace in large-format porcelain adding contrast to their monochromatic look while still providing a modern mountain aesthetic. By using porcelain for their fireplace, they were able to create a stunning focal point in their living space. 

Sarah and Bryan took a different approach when designing their living space, compared to their competitors. The pair installed a double-sided large-format fireplace for dual purpose. As soon as you enter Sarah’s and Bryan’s home, your eyes draw directly to the dark large-format porcelain fireplace at the center of the large windows overlooking the Rocky Mountains.

Moderno Porcelain Works featured in Rock the Block Season 4, Episode 2 fabricating and installing Levantina’s large-format porcelain. 

Make a Statement with Your Fireplace 

Porcelain is versatile and used throughout the living room in different ways. One of the key advantages of using porcelain for fireplaces is its heat resistance. While the fireplace may rise in temperature, the porcelain will not. Large-format porcelain can not only withstand heat but can also add height to your living space. With slabs available in sizes slightly larger than 5 feet by 10 feet, large-format porcelain can create a seamless and uninterrupted look that draws the eye upward, making the room appear taller and more spacious.

Porcelain Fireplace in Neolith Calacatta

Check out this 2 floor large-format porcelain fireplace. This fireplace is floor-to-ceiling with a book matched deign.