Wall Cladding with Porcelain

Large-format Porcelain Sintered Stone Shower Wall Cladding, Shower Niches, and Flooring in Bianco Carrara

Large-format porcelain and sintered stone slabs offer a modern, versatile solution for wall-cladding, enhancing both the aesthetic and utility of any space. These engineered materials boast durability, low maintenance, and design flexibility, achieved through advanced manufacturing processes like sintering. The dense, durable surface they produce is highly resistant to scratches, stains, and harsh weather, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Their large size surpasses traditional dimensions, allowing for seamless installations with fewer grout lines and a sleek, modern look. The wide surface area provides a cohesive, continuous aesthetic, loved by architects and designers.

Porcelain Flooring and Elevators in White Classico & Pietra Gray | BEFORE Porcelain Flooring and Elevators in White Classico & Pietra Gray | AFTER

01 | Light Weight

Despite the large size (5.25ft x 10.5ft), porcelain and sintered stone slabs are easy to handle, transport, and install with the proper tools and expertise. Porcelain excerts minimal stress on building structures making them suitable for remodeling or elevating spaces.

02 | Design Versatility 

Offering seamless designs with minimal grout lines and a wide variety of colors and finishes, these surfaces allow designers to achieve their desired aesthetic vision, mimicking the look of natural stone, concrete, wood, or other materials. Designing with porcelain and sintered stone slabs allows for marble-like statements, such a vein flow, book match, or vein match.

03 | Durability 

Highly resistant to heat, scratching, and impact, large-format porcelain, sintered stone, and ultra-compact surfaces (63”x126”) are engineered to withstand heavy use, making them ideal for high-traffic areas indoors and outdoors.

04 | Fire Resistance

With high fire resistance, these materials are suitable for areas prioritizing fire safety.

05 | UV & Frost Resistant 

Designed to withstand sunlight exposure without fading and freeze-thaw cycles without cracking, large-format porcelain and sintered stone slabs remain vibrant for extended periods, making them perfect for outdoor applications in various climates.