Rock The Block: Episode 4

Rock the Block Season 4 episode 4

The Versatility of Large-Format Porcelain 

It’s week four on Rock the Block and each team has 1500 square feet of the home’s lower level to customize and design to impress the judges! With only two episodes left, it’s extremely important that the teams add value to the Landmark Homes, but shrinking budgets call for major creativity. From a spa-like basement, entertainment room, speakeasy, and more, large-format porcelain made its mark in each home With all the design and maintenance luxuries of large-format porcelain, it is no shock that each team used it for their lower-level projects. 

Alison Victoria from HGTV’s Windy City Rehab and Veronica Valencia from HGTV’s Revealed were the judges of episode four; the judges announced Johnathan and Kristina as the lower-level winners! The judges loved the family-friendly space which included a bunk room, bar area, and billiards room. The team used dark porcelain to create a bold eye-catching bar area. 

Sarah and Bryan differentiated themselves from the other teams by adding a full-blown spa to the lower-level. They chose porcelain flooring for the spa bathroom and shower to create the perfect oasis. Their incorporation of porcelain speaks for how versatile porcelain is, pick any project, and these teams will find a way to use porcelain! 

Each team added a bar area or full kitchen into the space, and porcelain was the surface in demand. The teams all had something in common–they all designed the lower level for entertainment. With hightraffic areas, large-format porcelain was a top choice when designing their space because of it’s stain, scratch, and heat resistant qualities.

As far as cleaning large-format porcelain, it will not fade or discolor from cleaning chemicals the way some natural materials do. Installing a porcelain surface allows for entertainment without stressing over accidents that come along with the party.  

Moderno Porcelain Works featured in Rock the Block Season 4, Episode 4.

Customize Your Surfaces with Porcelain

As seen in each episode, largeformat porcelain slabs come in various colors and patterns. Porcelain is popular amongst designers and homeowners because it can appeal to so many different design tastes. As a man-made material, porcelain can be customized to look like natural stone, marble, concrete, or wood. 

The projects on this week’s episode showcase how versatile porcelain slabs are; whether you want a breakfast bar, matching kitchen countertop and backsplash, or spa flooring, porcelain is the material to do it all. With four down and two to go, the grand finale is near, and you won’t want to miss out! 


Tune into next week’s episode five to see how each team takes on the exterior space! 


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