What to Expect

As your project nears completion, we’re here to address any questions you may have and ensure a seamless finish. We cover crucial aspects of Prep Work, and how to prepare for your Measuring and Installation Day, giving you confidence and peace of mind throughout the process.

Prep Work

Preparing for Measuring Day

Learn the necessary preparations needed before our team arrives to take measurements. Understanding these steps will help ensure a successful installation.

Measuring Day

Key to a Flawless Installation

Discover what happens on the day of measurement. We’ll explain the process and what you can expect from our experienced professionals.

Installation Day

Seamlessly Transformed Spaces

Find out how to prepare your space before our installation team arrives. This section provides essential tips and guidelines to help ensure a seamless installation experience.

Watch Now

In this video, we review the final stages of your large-format porcelain project. This video will provide all the information you need for a smooth and efficient installation process.

Prep Work

All prep work should be completed before we schedule a Measuring Day. Large-format porcelain projects need to have a level and plumb surface before installation. It’s vital to the project’s success.

What prep work is required?

Vertical Wall Applications –  fireplaces, backsplashes, or accent walls

  • Studs should be 16” on center. For wood framing, the studs must be at least 3” thick. Use 20-gauge steel or thicker when using metal framing.
  • Mechanically fastened a half-inch backer board of appropriate substrate into the studs.
  • The surface’s flatness tolerance is crucial. We need a 1/8” flatness over 10 feet.
  • Avoid and correct any protrusions or depressions in the backer board avoid, and correct.


Your designated Moderno Project Specialist will provide expert guidance in case any of these aspects are unclear.

Have your TV mounts and fireboxes on-site before prep work begins.

We will want a full installation plan for accessories before moving forward with your prep work.

  • Showers

Waterproofing must be completed before Measuring Day. This may vary from state to state, but we will need your plumbing finalized and confirmed it accepts large-format porcelain.

  • Countertops, Islands, Bars, & Bathroom Vanities

Remove old countertops and ensure the permanent installation of replaced cabinetry. Install necessary support for island overhangs if applicable.

Your Moderno Project Specialist will inspect the flooring for flatness tolerance and appropriate substrate usage.

For third-party prep work, a Moderno team member must inspect before proceeding to avoid potential delays. Moderno Porcelain Works assists with prep work as a one-stop shop. Consult your Moderno Project Specialist for further information.

Measuring Day

Measuring Day is scheduled after your prep work is complete and approved.

A technician will visit your home to measure your project using a 3D laser and template system, typically taking 3 to 4 hours. Additional time will be communicated by your project specialist if necessary. Based on these measurements, we’ll create drawings and plans to define the scope of work and facilitate efficient fabrication and installation.

What do we need on Measuring Day?

  1. A decision-maker is required on Measuring Day for project-related decisions.
  2. Ensure countertops are clear and furniture is moved for accurate measuring.

Once all the measurements are developed, and you’ve approved the project plans, we’ll start the fabrication process in our shop. It takes approximately 7 to 10 business days to fabricate one project.

Next Step: Schedule your Installation Day


Installation Day

Your Installation Day has arrived, which may extend beyond a single day. Typical installations span two to three days, though the duration varies for each project. Contact your Moderno Project Specialist for a detailed schedule of your project.

How to prepare before we arrive:

  • Ensure adult supervision throughout the entire installation process.
  • Cover AC and heating vents to prevent dust from spreading in your home.
  • Protect or relocate items in the installers’ path; we’ll cover flooring for added protection. For flooring or fireplace projects, please remove all furniture to ensure easy access to the area.
  • Expect odors from glues and solvents during installation; consider opening a window for ventilation.
  • Ensure the safety of children and pets by keeping them away from the work area.
  • Additional charges may apply for second-floor or challenging entrance jobs; your Moderno Project Specialist will provide prior discussion.

While installing in bathrooms or kitchens,

  • Arrange for a third party to disconnect the plumbing.
  • Disconnect electrical and gas connections from appliances.
  • Ensure sink, faucet, and accessories requiring drilled holes are available during installation.
  • Remove existing countertops and clear all countertops, drawers, and sink cabinets before our arrival.
  • Coordinate with your Moderno Project Specialist regarding the relocation of the refrigerator or stove prior to installation.

Allow 24 hours for the glue to dry completely before cleaning or wiping the surface. Reconnecting the plumbing the following day is recommended.

After the completion of your installation, we will discuss the service warranty and provide guidance on caring for your new porcelain surfaces.

Installation Process

We are delighted to provide you with a guide on the installation process for large-format porcelain. This information aims to keep you informed at each step of the way, ensuring a smooth and successful installation.

In-home Consultation

We visit your home to gather necessary project details and provide guidance on available large-format porcelain options.

Estimate Development & Review

We generate an estimate based on your scope of work. It includes the cost of materials, fabrication, and installation services. Please review the estimate thoroughly.

Schedule Demo & Prep

Schedule demolition and preparation services with your dedicated project specialist.

Schedule Measuring

Precise measurements are needed to ensure the large-format porcelain fits perfectly. This step is crucial to avoid any issues during the installation process.

Approve Final Layout

Take this opportunity to review and approve the final layout of your large-format porcelain project. This may involve vein matching, seam placement, color selection, and edge options.

Project Fabrication

Moderno will proceed to fabricate your project once the final layout is approved. Depending on your project size, this process usually takes 7 to 10 business days.

Schedule Installation

Once the fabrication is complete, we will schedule the installation with you. Our trained team will come to your home and install the porcelain according to the approved layout and measurements. This step may take several days depending on your project’s scope.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

We’d love to hear your feedback. This survey helps us identify areas of improvement. You will receive the survey via email or scan the QR code from your project specialist.

Please be aware that the following steps are a simplified representation of our customer onboarding process. The installation may involve additional steps or variations depending on your specific requirements. Rest assured, our team of experts is well-equipped to handle any unique aspects of your project.