Moderno Porcelain Works is 100% dedicated to large-format porcelain (5’x10’). Porcelain fabrication and installation are our specialties.


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About Us

Sacramento, California Begins Here. The “porcelain capital” of California.

Sacramento is experiencing a true renaissance. The city is alive and buzzing with new sights, colors, and forms of porcelain, a material that features several significant benefits. It comes in an array of timeless designs, including desirable white-veined and dark marble looks, so you can find what fits your style.

While the evolution of this city continues to progress at breathtaking speed, Moderno Porcelain Works – Sacramento allows architects, designers, and homeowners creative freedom to design for any application and project from floors to walls to stairs and elevators. It’s all happening here and now in Sacramento, and you too will feel the excitement.

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Service Areas

Cameron Park
Citrus Heights
El Dorado Hills
Elk Grove
Fair Oaks
Granite Bay
Rancho Cordova
San Ramon
Yuba City

Our Team

Rodrigo Peralta

General Manager, Sacramento

Rodrigo Peralta is the general manager of Moderno Porcelain Works Sacramento. For over 17 years, Rodrigo has been a noteworthy leader in the stone industry. You may know him as the president and co-founder of Dragon Stone Countertops, but Rodrigo can also be credited for his contributions to the countertop industry in Sacramento with the development and implementation of a state-of-the art 52,000 sq. ft. facility with advanced technology. During his time there, production capacity expanded 5x and revenue increased to $30M. Driven by his love for the industry, Rodrigo takes pride in providing a great customer service experience to his customers. As general manager, his goal is to lead the porcelain revolution and provide the resource for designers and architects to create innovative environments. Rodrigo has been honored with the 2017 Innovation award in Sacramento. He improved the customer experience by utilizing vein match and 3D software for homeowner approval to reduce R&R’s. Rodrigo also introduced the robotic cutting system to the countertop system in California. He currently lives in Sacramento with his family.
Rodrigo Peralta, GM Sacramento, Moderno Porcelain Works
Josh Davis, Moderno Porcelain Works, Sacramento

Josh Davis

Project Specialist, Sacramento

For over 20 years, Josh Davis has been working in the tile and stone industry. You may know him from his work as the owner of Second Generation Tile and Stone in the S.F. Bay Area. He can be credited with successfully executing over 1,000 residential and commercial projects. Driven by his passion to deliver excellence to his customers, as a Project Specialist, Josh brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project. His goals include growing with Moderno long term, developing into a company-leading Project Specialist, and being an integral part of revolutionizing the industry with porcelain. Josh believes it’s important to approach every project with integrity and care, and that building relationships is the key to success. Josh currently lives in Davis, CA with his lovely daughter. When he’s not busy with work at Moderno, you can find Josh on the soccer field coaching and developing elite youth soccer players, exercising at the boxing gym, or enjoying nature on a hike with his girlfriend.
Audrey Minton, Moderno Porcelain Works, Sacramento

Audrey Minton

Project Specialist, Sacramento

For over 3 years, Audrey has been a leader in multiple areas of the Stone Industry. You may know her from her work as a Project Manager, managing several large projects in the Sacramento area. Audrey can also be credited with the contributions to working with Lowe’s and other big box stores, traveling all over Northern California and Nevada, representing the industry with grace, confidence, and connection. Audrey is driven by building positive relationships, bridging the gaps between customers, stores and Moderno. She takes pride in providing the best customer service and outcome for her projects. As a Project Specialist, her goals include building real relationships and seeing projects through to completion. In addition to her primary job functions, Audrey has been committed to learning and growing with Moderno and is excited for her future. Audrey currently lives in the foothills with her boys 10 and 12 years old and dog named Rooster. When she’s not keeping busy with work or sports with the boys, you can find Audrey walking her dog, mountain biking, kayaking, painting, or BBQing with friends.
Heidi Vega, Moderno Porcelain Works Sacramento, Project Specialist

Heidi Vega

Showroom Coordinator, Sacramento

Heidi has embarked on a new career with Moderno. In a quick amount of time, under General Manager Rodrigo’s mentorship, Heidi has flourished and has become a fundamental part of Sacramento’s growing achievement. Heidi demonstrates consistency, a desire to learn, and high quality relationship and management abilities. Heidi became awarded with Honor Roll in the year 2019 for her dedication and work ethic. She holds a diploma from Rosemont High school and currently resides in Sacramento, CA with her Pomeranian, Milo. When she’s not maintaining busy with work, you can find Heidi hiking the trails of Auburn, CA.