Carol Vivacqua


Carolina is a dedicated, adaptable, and results-oriented professional, whose diverse trajectory reflects her genuine interest in sales, business development, and administrative management. With a background in Social Communication, specialized in Advertising and Propaganda, she enhances her communication and interpersonal skills, offering highly beneficial potential to drive the growth and success of our company. Her professional journey is remarkable, highlighting her proven ability to overcome challenges and make significant contributions to the organizations she has collaborated with. As a Sales Representative for the export market, Carolina stands out not only for her experience but also for her proficiency in four languages: Portuguese, English, Italian, and Spanish. This has been instrumental in customer prospecting, proposal development, and sales execution over the years. Furthermore, her role has encompassed international regions, and her participation in industry events affirms her commitment to business success. Today, Carolina serves as a consultant, sharing her expertise with the aim of propelling, organizing, and optimizing processes in the field. Her consultancy role not only reinforces her knowledge but also demonstrates her ongoing dedication to contributing to excellence in our field of operation.