Mario Cuevas

General Manager, Minneapolis

Mario Cuevas is the general manager of Moderno Porcelain Works in Minneapolis, MN. Before guiding the porcelain industry, Mr. Cuevas was an architect at his firm, AMC & Associates in Houston, Texas. He became involved with the planning of fabrication facilities around the country. Mr. Cuevas quickly learned the equipment and machinery. Seeing a massive opportunity for growth in the then-unknown quartz industry, he soon relocated to the Twin Cities in 1996. As director of expansion for Technimar in Minnesota, Mr. Cuevas was a pioneer in spreading the newest and best surfacing throughout the Midwest. In 2001, his own companies AMC Midwest and AMC Wisconsin continued to be leading fabrication and installation facilities for quartz and granite. In 2008, Cosentino acquired AMC, who entrusted him to serve as the general manager of Stone Systems for the next 10 years. Among the many awards, Mr. Cuevas has received recognition for outstanding commercial sales with Stone Systems for his work on the monumental Olympic Village in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Carrying the belief that porcelain is today where quartz was 20 years ago, Mr. Cuevas lives on the cutting-edge of products and always explores new ways to improve how things are done. As for his personal life, Mr. Cuevas has been married for 38 years, having 3 kids and 7 grandchildren. He stays athletic through swimming, golf and soccer, always adventuring out in the woods with his grandkids to see what they’ll find.
Mario Cuevas, Moderno Porcelain Works, GM Minneapolis