Pablo Contreras

General Manager, South Houston

For almost 35 years, Pablo Contreras has been a noteworthy leader in the nationwide countertop business. You may know him from his work as the Vice President of IT at Cosentino USA, but Pablo can also be credited with his contributions to Stonite, the U.S. Marine Corps, and NRL Mortgages. Driven by company awareness and growth, Pablo takes pride in providing the best possible education about porcelain. As a General Manager and Moderno Franchisee, his goals include making Moderno Porcelain Works a household name and introducing porcelain as a product everyone wants. In addition to his primary job functions, Pablo has been committed to learning about the technology and aesthetics of porcelain. Pablo has been honored for his contributions to selling quarts surfaces through his national online business, E-Counters. When he’s not keeping busy with running the first retail franchise for Moderno Porcelain Works, you can find Pablo playing sports, hunting, or spending time with his three sons.
Pablo Contreras, GM Sugar Land Galveston, Moderno Porcelain Works