Steve Chambless

Director of Business Developement, Dallas

In 1990, Steve Chambless joined the countertops business working primarily with solid surfaces such as plastic, Corian, Wilsonart and other materials. In 1993, he progressed to granite and marble, and in 1996 was introduced to Moderno CEO Roberto Contreras who needed a distributor for Stonite. Following successful endeavors in St. Paul, MN and Houston, TX, Mr. Chambless spearheaded the Dallas territory covering all North Texas into Oklahoma, Arkansas and even Northern Louisiana. The state-of-the-art shop started out in 2001 with only one installer and one office worker. By 2008 when Mr. Chambless sold his shares, the Dallas location had grown to $16 million in annual sales, 64 employees, and fabricated between 1,300-1,700 sq ft per day, in addition to being found in 104 Home Depot stores and 40 Lowe’s locations. He is most proud of the career craftsmen who worked with him throughout this entire time, as well as his current co-GM, Lanny Grissom, who was instrumental in building the Stone Systems facility. Among his top moments of recognition was a Lifetime Achievement award presented to him by Moderno CEO Roberto Contreras and COO Mike Heylmun, both of whom recently pulled Mr. Chambless out of retirement to bring the expertise of large format porcelain to the DFW region. A dedicated golfer and proud father to his stepson Billy, Mr. Chambless spends nearly every second of downtime maintaining the acreage on his property.
Steve Chambless, Moderno Porcelain Works, Dallas