Moderno Porcelain Works is 100% dedicated to large-format porcelain (5’x10’). Porcelain fabrication and installation are our specialties.


Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


30105 State Hwy 59, Loxley, AL 36551, USA



About Us

We are pleased to announce that our doors are now officially open for business, marking the commencement of an exciting new journey in Mobile, AL. Stay connected with us on our LinkedIn and Instagram to witness the remarkable progress of our showroom unfold. Your presence and engagement will ensure that you are at the forefront of experiencing the evolution of our space.

With over 25 years in the stone industry, our team’s journey has been nothing short of a personal odyssey. Our leadership has not only propelled our company to superlative success but has done so with an unwavering commitment to ethics and team building that resonates deeply within us. We have become a shining example of how a business can thrive and uphold the highest standards of integrity, while also reflecting the values we hold dear. Our emphasis on team building has fostered an environment where collaboration and mutual respect flourish, creating a close-knit workforce that shares a profound belief in our mission. As we continue to build upon our legacy, we strive to maintain excellence, centered around the core values and fortified by the heartfelt unity of our team.

Service Areas

Mississippi Gulf Coast
Alabama Gulf Coast
Florida Panhandle