Pete Sciarrino & San Diego Team Excel In Customer Satisfaction

Pete Sciarrino, Director, San Diego

Pete Sciarrino, the general manager of Moderno Porcelain Works in San Diego, gives us many reasons to applaud him, mostly because of his ability to go above and beyond for a client. Recently, a Moderno customer had a major pipe burst in her upscale condo rental that caused her quartz countertops to break. Time was of the essence as her tenant was pregnant and desperate to get back to a functional home. The client shopped around for an easy countertop fix and with all the quartz fabricators in the area running weeks behind, she found no alternatives or potential solutions.

While searching for help, the client noticed a Moderno Porcelain Works display of polished Calacatta Oro and fell in love. The client was thankful when she spoke with Pete, who offered a seemingly unbelievable solution to her countertop problem and said, “[We] found that this product could be fabricated weeks sooner than the other estimates…[Pete] gave me a price that was competitive with quartz. He’s a straight shooter. He gives you the best price he can and then doesn’t haggle. I liked that.” In this case, the client was looking for durable material as she did not want another broken countertop incident. Once Moderno fabricates and installs the porcelain countertop, it’s the strongest material on the market.

When the client moved forward with her porcelain order, “Pete didn’t waste any time.” He was able to work her into the schedule immediately and met the client at her condo to take laser measurements of her kitchen the very next day. Laser measuring is a steady technique that is extremely accurate and reduces the possibility of human error. With precise measurements, Pete’s team made sure the large-format porcelain countertops fit perfectly in her kitchen. “Both Pete and [the San Diego team] could not have been nicer or easier to deal with,” the client emphasized. She particularly appreciated that they pointed out potential problems that could arise before installation, such as unleveled countertops, allowing her to determine solutions ahead of time. We prefer to provide all details and information beforehand to have a clean, efficient install.

When Pete called the client to schedule the countertop installation, she was pleased to hear it was even sooner than the original estimated installation date. On install day, the San Diego team “seemed to enjoy their jobs and cleaned up perfectly after themselves. It seemed like they were perfectionists, intent on getting each piece in exactly right. They were careful and did not damage any walls or cabinets. The sink was installed perfectly,” she emphasized. The San Diego team’s efforts prioritized the client and delivered exceptional results.

The client was satisfied with the vein flow of the porcelain countertops and edges, “The countertop is now done, and we are DELIGHTED!” Pete and the San Diego team continue to exceed our client’s expectations. Moderno Porcelain Works is 100% dedicated to porcelain. Yes, we are the porcelain people!