The 12 Top Benefits of Porcelain

Quickly gaining popularity across the surfacing industry, porcelain is now being used for countertops, backsplashes, floors, shower walls and more. The advantages of porcelain are numerous, and this hot new trend has been made possible due to recent technology regarding its fabrication.

Porcelain from Moderno is not available in small tiles; Moderno’s porcelain is uniquely made in large format panels measuring 5’ x 10’. Its light weight also allows the material to be placed on top of existing surfaces, in many cases covering up old surfaces and eliminating the need for demolition.

For those who are still skeptical, here are 12 of the top benefits of choosing porcelain.

1. Porcelain looks prestigious

Let’s start with the most important factor – all of these many benefits mean nothing if porcelain isn’t beautiful. To tell the difference between marble and Moderno’s porcelain, you would have to be an absolute expert (and even then, it would be tough). There is no surface in the world that porcelain cannot match in terms of sheer beauty.

2. Porcelain is resistant to stains, heat, scratches, and UV rays

Once installed, porcelain is so durable it’s almost unbelievable to some skeptics. Porcelain does not stain or scratch easily, making the material an easy choice for a variety of surfaces. UV rays will also not discolor porcelain’s beauty over time, while its resistance to heat allows for the compatibility of induction cooking, as well as use around fireplaces.

3. Slip resistant

Even many of the biggest porcelain enthusiasts fail to realize large format porcelain panels are ideal for indoor flooring. Imagine the most grand entrances you’ve ever seen in not only homes but also hotels and businesses. Moderno’s porcelain matches the opulent look of marble but without the many cons. Most notably, Moderno’s porcelain is slip-resistant, unlike marble.

4. Low water absorption

Porcelain surfaces have a significantly low water absorption rate compared to tiles made from different kinds of stone. This minimal absorption rate is what allows for much of its slip resistance.

5. Porcelain can be fabricated and installed in a variety of timeless colors

Available from Moderno in 13 timeless colors to perfectly suit designs from the best designers around the world, you’ll have the most difficulty deciding on the perfect pattern. With beautiful options like Bianco Statuario and Pietra Grey or your color of choice can be fabricated and installed to complete any look.

6. Matte or Polished? Porcelain comes in both textures

Do you want your porcelain countertops, shower walls, backsplash, or fireplace surround to shine, or do you want a more industrial look? Some homeowners and businesses might choose a color based off of its texture. With Moderno Porcelain Works, all 13 colors can be fabricated and installed with either a matte or polished finish.

7. Porcelain can be book matched or vein matched

Some surfaces are placed together randomly without creating a connected, detailed correlation between the slabs. Thanks to Moderno’s expertise, all surfaces can have the veins of the design connect where the slabs meet, creating a congruent whole. For a grand appearance, two of our giant 5’ x 10’ panels can be book matched, where one image is mirrored. Placed side by side, the effect is stunning to the human eye.

8. Porcelain is the most environmentally friendly surfacing choice

Many surfacing materials within the industry are causing harm to the environment, with them literally digging out pieces of the earth in order to use marble, quartz, granite and other types of stone. With porcelain, the material has been deemed sustainable by the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Moderno’s porcelain is also recyclable, making porcelain the most environmentally friendly surface you can choose.

9. Porcelain is compatible with induction cooktops

Due to its heat-resistance, it is entirely possible for invisible induction cooktops to be built directly into porcelain countertops. In fact, Moderno Porcelain Works often includes induction cooktops in porcelain surfaces, making this more than just possible—it is the next big thing in dream kitchens aiming to be both practical in everyday use and prestigious in appearance.

10. Choosing Porcelain is choosing warrantied quality

Do you prefer the security of knowing your beautiful surfaces will be repaired or replaced if something does happen to go wrong? For residential and commercial projects, Moderno offers a warranty on the quality of their porcelain, giving you peace of mind in addition to a great product.

11. Porcelain is a better price than marble

After considering the multiple benefits of porcelain, it’s easy to assume the cost of porcelain would be much higher than marble, but this is not the case. The cost of porcelain as a material has always been lower, yet the reason for its common use as of late is that Moderno Porcelain Works has spent many years perfecting the technology to create and install large format porcelain panels. If you speak with a Moderno sales rep about your next project, they will confirm that yes, porcelain is a better price than marble.

12. Moderno’s Porcelain is made in the USA

What better way to support our economy than to buy a product that is made directly in the United States? Moderno Porcelain Works is proud to offer porcelain surfaces that are USA-made.

Ready to reap these benefits of porcelain? Contact our porcelain experts today for a free quote on your dream project.