When Bigger is Better

How Moderno Porcelain Works is Becoming The Secret Weapon of Top Interior Designers

Imagine you had a Fairy Godmother and with the stroke of her wand she made all your design dreams come true. Moderno Porcelain Works not only makes that happen, but they are also changing the industry altogether with the endless possibilities of porcelain.

Large-format porcelain stoneware, also known as Neolith™ and Dekton™, has been popular in Europe for many years. However, many people in the U.S. still think of it as small square tiles – but today’s reiteration comes in slabs that are 5×10 feet. Technology has seen major advancements which now allow the quality of the material to precisely emulate nearly any natural stone, metal, concrete, or even fabric creating a porcelain wallpaper that can be used virtually everywhere. What was once impossible– is now possible with porcelain.