Why You Might Want Porcelain Slab Countertops

When you think about tile countertops, what probably leaps to mind are the ubiquitous small squares separated by thick grout lines that you tore out of your last kitchen or master bath when you remodeled those spaces. They were a pain to clean, not particularly attractive (unless you were doing a retro project and love pink or seafoam vintage style), and you were thrilled to get rid of them.

You might have replaced those surfaces with granite if you renovated in the decade before the housing crash, or with engineered stone, (also referred to as quartz and sold under brand names like Silestone and Caesarstone), if you’ve done so more recently. So it might surprise you to learn that tile countertops are making a tremendous comeback, but not in any way that you’ve seen them before. It’s kind of like the design world’s version of Clark Kent becoming Superman.