Celebrating National Kitchen and Bath Month 2023

Porcelain Shower Walls and Flooring

October has been observed as National Kitchen and Bath Month for 41 years. Many use this time to remodel their homes in preparation to host for the holidays. The dedicated month for kitchen and bath was created in 1982 by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), which has since grown to over 50,000 members. […]

Trailblazing Journey of Success with Moderno Porcelain Works

In October 2022, Moderno Porcelain Works opened its first Colorado location in Denver, marking a significant milestone for the company. Maria Jose Ponce joined Moderno in August 2022 when Moderno Denver was merely a leased space. She quickly excelled by helping build the team and elevating the showroom’s quality. Her contributions solidified her position as […]

An Inside Look into Moderno Porcelain Works

Transparency with Moderno Porcelain Works After expanding Moderno Porcelain Works to a network of 18 locations, Roberto Contreras, Chief Executive Officer, recently engaged in a podcast interview with Stone World Magazine, shedding light on his journey and expertise within the stone industry. The podcast offered valuable insights into Roberto’s path and the evolution of Moderno […]

Unveiling Success: Vladk Pizzetti’s Remarkable Journey with Moderno

Jack of All Trades with Vladk In the dynamic world of large-format porcelain & sintered stone, success stories often emerge from a blend of passion, experience, and the right opportunities. Vladk Pizzetti’s journey with Moderno Porcelain Works is a testament to this blend, showcasing the remarkable transformation of a skilled tiler into an indispensable asset […]

FAQ | Large-Format Porcelain & Sintered Stone Furniture

Rectangle Coffee Table in Black Marquina, Large-format Porcelain

Q: Are large-format porcelain, sintered stone, and ultra-compact surface tables suitable for use as dining room tables?A: Large-format porcelain, sintered stone, and ultra-compact surfaces are an exceptional choice for dining room tables, particularly for families with children. Its remarkable durability and strength make it highly resistant to scratches and stains, ensuring a long-lasting and pristine […]

Unveiling Porcelain Perfection: The Artistry of Moderno Furniture

Square Coffee Table in Bianco Carrara Large-format Porcelain

Crafted with Excellence  Step into a world where craftsmanship meets artistry, and furniture becomes an expression of elegance and excellence. Moderno Porcelain Works is thrilled to introduce large-format porcelain, sintered stone, and ultra-compact surfaces handcrafted furniture with precision in the United States. At Moderno, we believe that every piece of furniture should be a masterpiece, […]

Accents with Porcelain, Sintered Stone, & Ultra-Compact Surfaces

Fireplace Surround in White Classico

Large-format porcelain, sintered stone, and ultra-compact surfaces are suitable for all applications such as walls, floors, furniture, and even statement pieces. These materials have become the number one choice for those wanting to coordinate everyday functionality with timeless beauty. Previous image Next image Combining the Style of Contemporary Design with Practicality of Performance.  Through advanced […]

Adding Luxury Designs to Houston’s Newest Food Hall Scene

Bravery Chef Hall’s New Addition: Moderno Porcelain Works’ Countertops & Backsplash Houston, Texas’ newest food hall scene, Bravery Chef Hall, has become a hot topic with its top-notch food selection and notable chefs. The exquisite cuisine brings numerous people in the surrounding area to the center of downtown, creating a community of good spirits and a […]